The latest from Siena


I have a ton of energy at the moment and plan to capitalize on it by sending out a little update. The beginning of this week marked 'phase 3' of my trip. Originally I was planning on taking the Italian course for four weeks and then traveling south to Palermo or over to France. I decided instead to remain in Siena where I spent another week in school (but with private lessons). Then, this past week I began painting as I thought I would rather spend my time and energy working than I have already seen so many new cities and art and have a ton of photos collected and ready to become paintings. 
The latest news is that I am having a little (little being operative word here!!!) art show at the school of all the small paintings I am currently working on. This is very exciting, as it gives me a clear and fast approaching deadline to create about 10-15 small pieces. It is a bit much to do in a total of 14 days;) but I am determined to go all out here. I have spent the last four days painting all day and I feel full of energy and focus, the likes of which I cannot say I have experienced in a long time. Part of the reason I needed to leave Portland was that I was exhausted of doing both work and art. I felt fatigued and spent so much of the time. Having even four days to completely give myself to the artwork has been illuminating. 
Here is a picture of one that is almost done. My goal is to not go as detailed as usual:)