Wednesday afternoon

First off, let me confess that I am quite buzzed at the moment. After Italian class today, I took myself out to lunch for tortellini and red wine to celebrate completing actual phrases in class for the first time.  Yesterday was a rough one, with all my triggers up around being in school, feeling stupid, and like I was totally full of s?$&t, thank you very much.  Thankfully, today has felt like redemption from those wretched voices and I can feel brightness emerging within me again.  

For the first time since I arrived on Saturday it rained.  Not just rain, but dramatic thunder as well and the cool air feels refreshing after four days of heat.  During lunch it stormed suddenly and forced all the people from the outside tables to come inside.  As a result, I met a solo traveler from Germany, as they needed us to consolidate the tables inside to accommodate the displaced diners.   Thankfully she spoke english and we had an unexpected and lovely conversation that we would not have had if the storm had not come.  

Now, I am settling in to study my homework for the day, which will be followed by a nap.

Here are a few more pictures I have taken in the last few days.