Greetings from Ventura, California

Good morning from Starbucks!  Eleven years ago I would have judged anyone going into a Starbucks after they closed down my beloved Torrefazione Italia, but it has become my office for the last week and I am waaay over that one anyhow;).  I have been staying at a Motel 6 right near the beach for a week and coming here in the mornings to search for homes, jobs, and to keep up with my art business online.  

I have experienced my share of challenging periods in my life, but I must say that this feels like one of the most turbulent and confusing (not only that, it feels like a collective turbulent time because of the election).  No, I did not plan this particular part of my journey out ahead of was just a knowing it was time to leave New Mexico and the desire to get closer to LA to get closer to Italy...but I had no idea how difficult it would be to get settled here.  I think it was best I did not know, but wow, what a time to practice staying in the moment, in my body, breathing, praying, screaming...all of the above.  I have had my share of freak-outs and I wake up every morning holding my heart. The only thing that helps is to get up and shower and start moving.

Thank heaven for the support of my family and friends (MOM and DAD, thank you big time) to help me stay here, to keep from running off the end of the Ventura pier;)... And for the sunshine and ocean which are the gigantic silver lining in all of this. And Archangelo Corelli...I am listening to you right now and my god you are a genius comforter. 

Raising a glass, well, a paper coffee cup, to the unknown, to trust, and to focusing on the abundance that is here, that is everywhere, holding us all and wanting us all just to notice what we have.